five friends dedicating 100 days to getting into the best shape of their lives.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2: Swimmin' and chillin'.

Day off from work and from running/working out, but that swim was nice. Really loosened up my muscles and got my lungs working. Swimming, I'll say, is a good off-day activity. So strange that something can be so strenuous one moment and so relaxing the next.

Unfortunately, I didn't eat well today, and that will likely continue on into the evening. Though, I'll be sure to include a hearty salad with spinach and feta with my sinful, sinful pizza.

PS - Day 2 is looking good on the water-consumption front. Though, if I drink all 64 ounces between 7 and 10pm, does that still count? I hope so...


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