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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goals/Daily Updates

I apologize, I've been severely lacking on my first post. I just started my second job (which happens to be full time) and have been balancing working with working out on top of getting enough sleep. Either way, no excuses. So I'll just update here.

  • I want to lose at least 15 pounds. This will put me at the weight I was at my senior year in high school and for a brief period of my college career.
  • Tone and build muscle, which seems weird for me to say I want to build muscle being a female but it will help tone overall
  • Be able to stick to a routine and a consistent workout schedule (now that I look at my work schedules I'm not sure about being able to go at least 5 days a week but I'm going to make a good attempt)
  • Eat healthier, food for me is comforting. I eat when I'm stressed and I usually over eat the majority of the time. I'm also bad at making healthy food decisions, I'd rather eat a slice of pizza than a healthy salad (but wouldn't we all?). This also may be a little tough for lunches because my full time job doesn't have a microwave. So any suggestions for healthy cold lunches, send them my way. I want to enjoy eating healthy foods.
I have a feeling I may develop more goals but for now, I'll stick with this.

DAY 1 (from 7/6)
I've been doing a workout routine that my mom's trainer designed for us. It's a good way to build muscle without spending a lot of time at the gym. Each workout you start at the heaviest weight and work your way down sets when you can't lift the heaviest anymore. I'm impressed at how much I can lift even doing it for a few weeks off and on now. The routine usually takes me about an hour to an hour and a half to get through. Then I follow it with 30 minutes of cardio. I'm due for a new routine soon so I'll post the new one once I start it. I may even post the one I'm doing with photos when I have more time.

As far as eating goes, I haven't been eating the healthiest. On Monday I was still at my grandma's so it was hard to resist a homemade cinnamon roll for breakfast. Lunch was a quesadilla (because we just got back from being out of town and needed groceries). Dinner I had some long grained wild rice mixed with chicken, a can of veg-all and a can of cream of mushroom soup. I'm bad at determining what's healthy or not and most times rely on my mom's cooking to be healthy (which it usually is) so we'll see how well it works for me in a few weeks. Overall I think I won't have a problem with results if I make smart food decisions (even when eating out) and stick to a consistent routine.

Today was a nice workout. I was still a bit sore from Monday and since I didn't make it to the gym yesterday my body did seem extra sore. I made it to the gyms after I got off of work, which tends to be my downfall since I just want to go home. Same workout as before and just hoping to get through these months. My problem with working out is needing instant results to keep me going, my hope is that after these 100 days working out will be a part of my routine and that there won't be days where I can easily talk myself out of working out.

Overall I'd say my food choices are better, it all takes time.


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