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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4: Fish.

Another nice swim today. Er... I guess it was nice. The temperature was wonderful, the weather was clear and bright, but my heart was pounding and my lungs were screaming out by the end of my 10th lap (yes, i only did 10. and it's in a small pool. I'm working my way up!). Good cardio workout for the off-day. The jacuzzi was a welcome reprieve afterward.

Not to brag or belabor it, but quick tip about jacuzzis: they seem to be a great place for stretching. Must be the hot water loosening up the muscles, but man, I can really bend in there. The sore legs from yesterday's run turned to taffy and I could really work all of the stiffness and tension out of them. My advice (not yet corroborated by web research) is that, if you have access to a hot tub or even a sauna, stretch there. Completely worth it.

Quick question: I'm considering alternating my workout slightly. Right now my schedule is a full workout and full run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a swim on Tuesday and Thursday, and a longer run on Saturday. I need to alternate days for the workouts so as to give my muscles time to recuperate, and need to alternate days for the runs for the same reason. Should I be working out MWF and running TTh? (Also, I don't work on Tuesdays or Thursdays, so maybe keep that in mind.) Any suggestions for improving the schedule would be appreciated down there in the comments section. And I'd like to keep the swimming a regular thing. I already feel like I'm getting better.

So, any input?


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