five friends dedicating 100 days to getting into the best shape of their lives.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Days 15 and 16: Solid and so-so (respectively)

Had a good run yesterday, Monday, Day 15. Four miles in just under 40 minutes. I have to get in the right mindset for this weekend; I have two more 4-mile runs before Saturday's 8-miler, which will be the longest I've ever run in my life. That is, until two weeks later, when I'll be supposed to run 9 (thankfully, the week between is a mere 6).

I've been working that bodyweight 100 workout and I like it, though it's admittedly shorter and somewhat less intense than the other one. It's alright, though, as this gives me more time in the morning and will be less likely to make me late to work. I'm thinking of finishing this week strong with the bodyweight 100 and instead of doing it for another week, bumping right up to the 150. I think I'm in good enough shape for it, and want to be challenging myself every day. As of now, the 100 is pretty good, but I'm left wanting, so I'll likely bump it next week and see where that puts me. (Also, I skipped a swim today, so no cardio, but I'll be sure to be back in the pool on Thursday.)

Also, today I switched out the close-grip pushups with 15 bodyweight shoulder presses. Basically I put my knees on the back of my couch and put my hands on the floor (or, to be precise, on a bar that I put on the floor, to accommodate my wrist, which has a limited range of motion). I lower myself down as vertically as I can and press back up. Here's hoping that doing these regularly will get me to my goal of doing those handstand pushups by the end of the 100 days. Oh, and uh, for the record, pull-ups are the hardest exercise you can do. Ugh.

So strange to think that Saturday's run will be Day 20, one fifth of the project will be over. Seems to be flying by.


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