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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goals for the next 100 days

This is really the first time I'm training with any end-goals in mind, so I thought it a good idea to lay them down right here to keep me on track.

  • Build and tone muscle for a strong body shape. I'd like to come out of this with some strong arms, a toned chest and a six-pack.
  • Marathon endurance. I've been more the sprinter-type all my life, and would like to be able to run 10-15 miles for a good workout. I'm not there yet, but I have 3 months.
  • Healthier eating habits. I don't think they're so bad now, but I want to be eating three squares and three supplementals each day, and I want this to become routine. This calorie calculator says that, for my goals, I should be eating 2,800-3,000 calories daily. I need them to be lean and healthy calories for any of this exercise to be meaningful.
Those are the end-goals. The more concrete ones are:

  • Drink 64 ounces of water a day. Doctors say this is ground-floor basic. But I have terrible water-drinking habits, so this is something I want to focus on. Eight 8 oz. glasses isn't that hard. Just gotta do it.
  • Stick to the schedule. Obviously a must, but it's not easy with traveling, working, etc. I don't want to miss a day.
  • 25 pull-ups, 10 handstand pushups. I know, sort of silly, but right now I can maybe do 3 or 4 pull-ups (probably 5 or 6 chin-ups) and don't have the core balance to do any handstand pushups. I want to be able to do these without giving it a second thought. That's when I'll know I'm as strong as I want to be.
  • 180 on the LSAT, 1500+ on the GRE. I know, not at all related to exercise. But while I tone my body I'll be toning my mind as well. Wish me luck on the September law school test, and the general grad school one.
100 days from now, we'll see where I am. All I ask is that you keep me honest, o faithful reader.


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